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The way forward for Israel

Op-Ed: In This Struggle, Israel Can Prevail

Israel can withstand and overcome the current wave of violence, which is just another chapter in the struggle against Arab and Islamist hatred. But to do so, there are concrete steps that Israel should take - now.

The problem:

During these difficult days of increasing terror, the most urgent question is: What can we do in order to cope optimally with the growing terrorist violence in Israel, knowing that behind the scenes there are several players who are expending intense efforts to bring about an explosion.

Leading the pack is Hamas, whose goal is to become the undisputed leader of the Palestinian Arabs at the expense of the Palestinian Authority – and, for good measure, giving Sisi something to remember.

Supporting Hamas is a coalition composed of Qatar and Turkey, withunlimited sources of funds.

The PLO, at the same time, is trying to hold on to first place and cannot allow itself to appear less extreme than Hamas, for fear it will be accused of cooperating with Israel. This is the origin of the two-faced behavior of the PA: on the one hand, it presents a cooperative face to Israel and on the other hand, it stabs Israel in the back, through incitement and education, on the street and in international forums.

Qatar bases its standing in the Arab world and the West by pouring oil on the fire, exactly as it does with Islamic State. Hypocritically, in the usual Qatari fashion, it funds Islamic state while, as part of the Western coalition, it expresses support for those who fight it.

Behind the scenes of the growing terror Israel faces stands Islamic State, the model for successful battles against the enemies of Islam: massacre the enemy, act with extreme violence and use fast vehicles that give the impression of Jihad's sweeping, advancing victory. The murderers who entered the Jerusalem Synagogue did not bring long butcher's cleavers for nothing.

The answer:

The time for politically correct euphemisms is over and the unpleasant truth must be told as it is.
First of all, Israel must say emphatically: the Palestinian Authority established on the basis of the Oslo Accords is an enemy entity, an enemy whose goal is establishing an Arab state  in place of Israel, not alongside Israel, but on its ruins. That is the reason the Oslo Accords were violated so blatantly and thoroughly by the other side, resulting in them being declared null and void..

In addition, Israel must cease funding the PA on the basis of economic agreements derived from the Oslo Accords. There is no other country that funds an enemy entity, and there is no reason for Israel to be the only country that acts in such a delusional manner.

The government of Israel must condemn those among us who were instrumental in giving us the "New Middle East", even those who once held posts of high honor.

2. Israel must announce as clearly as possible that Jerusalem is not a subject in any negotiations with anyone. It was never the capital of any entity connected to the Arab or Islamic world and was never ruled by a king, sultan, emir or caliph, so that there is no historical or legal basis for demanding that it be the capital of any state other than Israel.

3. Israel has to remind the entire world that Judea, Samaria and Eastern Jerusalem were areas occupied by Jordan for 19 years, from May 1948 until June 1967. Had the Arab world felt it was just and necessary, it could have established a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital then, without anyone in the world disputing it.  The Arabs  refrained from doing that for the 7000 days in which Jordan had control of the area and therefore have no right to demand from Israel what they did not demand from themselves.

5. Israel must immediately shut down all the PA institutions in Jerusalem and any governmental entity that is not that of the state of Israel. Sovereignty cannot be shared or compromised on, because he who compromises with regard to his sovereignty loses it.

6.The police must issue a restraining order against all Islamic Movement activists, first and foremost to Sheikh Raad Salah and his deputy Sheikh Kamal el Khatib.  After that, the possibility of issuing an order forbidding them to leave Um El Fahem and Kafr Kana should be considered.

7. Israel must immediately shut down all the Hamas TV stations broadcasting in Judea and Samaria.

8. Israel must keep the bodies of all dead terrorists who committed terror attacks. To all events, Israel must forbid their burial in Jerusalem, especially not in the vicinity of the Temple Mount, because burial in that spot is an expression of pride in the shahid and  encourages more terror.

9. Israel must announce that it is building a new neighborhood, a new settlement or at least a new building in Jerusalem or Judea and Samaria in memory of every terror victim. Let the terrorists discover that terror makes the Jewish People's connection to its land stronger.

10. Israel must change the way it views Europe. This continent is gradually turning into an Islamist area, and European politicians are becoming more and more dependent on the Muslim voter.They have to take stands dictated to them by the voters in their electoral district, and these brought their visceral hatred of Jews and Israel with them from their countries of origin. I do not see this pattern changing, so that for Israel, relying on Europe is a waste of effort at best and under normal circumstances, like entering hostile territory.

11. Israelis have to internalize the fact that their neighbors do not want them in the Middle East, and that Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon as seen as "settlements" just as Eli, Shilo and Neve Daniel are.  The entire Peace industry is just froth topping the waves of the stormy waters of the Middle East. It succeeded in blinding us to the point where we did not accept the reality of the situation and it managed to neutralize the will of some of us to fight for our land and freedom, but it had no absolutely no effect on our neighbors.

12. Israel must develop a psychological mindset that prepares it for a multi-pronged struggle, because many of the countries in the world are against the existence of the state of Israel and will do anything to weaken its security, economic stability and legitimacy.
Israel must publicly condemn people, such as Martyn Indyk, who accept funding from countries like Qatar which uses its money to influence political stands vis a vis Israel.

13. Israel's justice system must internalize the fact that we are struggling for our survival. We cannot relate to enemies of the state as if they are deserving of mercy at the hands of our country's legal system. The legal system was not intended to make the state vulnerable but to base it on law and order so that it can continue to function during difficult times.

14. The people of Israel must trust in G-d and in themselves, they must be prepared to fight for their existence. This struggle is infinitely more important than what the Knesset and the media have been stressing - VAT on purchasing an apartment or any internal political struggle. Ministers and MK's must rise above narrow party considerations and begin to lead the Jewish people in its struggle to keep its land, state and liberty.

Is Obama pro jihad? What does the evidence tell us?

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Mass murderer moderate Mahmoud

From  Richard Baehr Yisrael Hayome

Mass murderer moderate Mahmoud
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, under pressure from U.S. ‎Secretary of State John Kerry, uttered a few words on Tuesday that appeared to ‎condemn the barbaric attack by two Palestinians in a synagogue in Jerusalem. (The ‎killers, of course, will soon be recognized as martyrs by Abbas' political party Fatah, ‎and all the other Palestinian groups, which are even more extreme). 
The attack, ‎which has so far killed five Israelis, as well as the two murderers (a mild term, really for ‎those who slaughter rabbis and others with an axe or knife while they are ‎praying), could have had a far worse outcome, though others in the hospital on life ‎support or in critical condition may soon be added to the death toll. ‎
Some 30 people were praying at the time of the attack, and the goal of the ‎killers was to murder them all. Israeli police prevented a worse bloodbath, ‎and it is a virtual certainty now that synagogues will be added to other institutional ‎venues in Israel that require more security. Had the monsters been more ‎‎"successful" before they were shot to death by the Israeli police, then CNN could ‎have headlined "32 dead in mosque attack in Jerusalem," and the BBC could have ‎shown pictures of the two dead Palestinians while refusing to show any of the 30 ‎Jewish or Israeli casualties, and The New York Times could have used its typical ‎passive voice to describe the attack this way: "Violence breaks out in Jerusalem, 32 dead." Someone needs to have a heart-to-heart talk with violence and keep him ‎from breaking out in this way. That is the road to peace.‎
The attack clearly had no impact in preventing or delaying the latest disgrace from ‎Europe, where Spanish legislators showed their concern for the dead and ‎wounded by voting to recognize the nonexistent state of Palestine.‎
Kerry has hardly been an innocent party in recent months, ‎repeatedly blaming Israel for the breakdown of peace talks that due to Palestinian lack of interest in even participating in a peace process, never got to a stage where they ‎could break down. His spokespeople at the State Department, amateur-hour ‎incompetents Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, have treated Israel like a pinata, particularly ‎during the recent Gaza war, when Israel just could not do enough in their eyes to ‎protect Palestinian civilians (despite their being regularly used by Hamas as human ‎shields, and with 12-year-olds sent off to fight). Better it seems that Israel had a ‎right to defend itself (all criticisms of Israel begin this way), but did nothing, since ‎any Israeli attack or bombing might involve civilian casualties, presumably ‎something new in the history of war. Yesterday, Psaki criticized Israel's demolition ‎of the houses of the mass-murdering duo, since it was an obstacle in the path to ‎peace. That path, in the minds of some in the Obama administration, including ‎possibly President Barack Obama, himself, involves the eventual disappearance of Israel as a ‎Jewish state. ‎
Kerry has argued that one of the principal reasons for the growth and success of ‎Islamic State (particularly its recruitment of new jihadists) has been the failure of Israel and ‎the Palestinians to achieve peace and a two-state solution. After all, if we have ‎learned anything the past few months, it is that there is nothing the jihadist recruits ‎want more than the two-state solution, and Israel and Palestine living side by side ‎in peace and security. Presumably, these recruits share the vision of Kerry ‎and Martin Indyk and Obama. ‎
But it is worth giving credit where credit is due, and yesterday Kerry issued a very ‎tough statement condemning not only the attack in the synagogue but the ‎incitement by Palestinian officials that has precipitated and fueled not only this ‎atrocity but many such attacks in recent months. Kerry called Abbas and ‎demanded he issue a condemnation of the attack (Abbas' first, of course, since the start of the ‎campaign of violence that he has supported).
Abbas' latest version of the big lie has been that Jews are planning to destroy Al-‎Aqsa mosque and take over the Temple Mount. Abbas described how Jews were ‎‎"contaminating" the Temple Mount with their presence. That kind of language ‎presumably is why Abbas is regarded by Western peacemakers as a ‎moderate, and the man with whom Israel must negotiate, since he offers a rare ‎‎(always final) opportunity to achieve peace and a two-state solution. Presumably, ‎Israelis who meet with Abbas have gone through a decontamination process ‎before they are in his presence (e.g., converting to Islam). ‎
This latest intifada, including car attacks, vandalism of the Jerusalem light rail, ‎stabbings, and Tuesday's mass murder, were part of a campaign designed to ‎achieve nothing more than dead Jews. Dead Jews are always a reason for ‎Palestinian celebration, yesterday creating joyous moments in both Gaza and the ‎West Bank. Not entirely coincidentally, the latest wave of attacks provided a public relations ‎boost for Abbas and his party. In Palestinian society, the ‎resistance -- those most purposeful and effective in killing Jews and fighting and ‎denying Israel's right to exist and calling for its destruction -- are always the most ‎popular on the street. Hamas fought the war in Gaza. 
Fatah now needs to look like ‎it is doing its part where it has authority. Jonathan Schanzer described Abbas' ‎political calculus:‎ ‎"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attacks and ‎hammered Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for inciting the ongoing ‎violence in Jerusalem. Similarly, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ‎condemned the 'senseless brutality,' and called on Abbas to do the same.‎
"Abbas soon stepped up. It was his first condemnation of any attack in ‎Jerusalem since the unrest began last month, Indeed, the aging Palestinian ‎leader is walking a tightrope. On the one hand, lone wolves are by definition ‎not under the control of Abbas nor other Palestinian political organizations. ‎And it is also true that Abbas has not been the driving force of the Jerusalem ‎unrest. But at the same time, he does appear to be making an effort to ‎benefit from the tensions, seemingly seeking to ride this current wave of ‎nationalist fervor." ‎
In order to insure that every Palestinian will understand not to take Abbas' ‎condemnation too seriously, Fatah ‎spokespeople were more direct in their warm praise for the bloodletting:‎ ‎"Blessed be your quality weapons, the wheels of ‎your cars, your axes and kitchen knives ... ‎because [they are being used] according to ‎Allah's will. We are the soldiers of Allah."‎
And then there is Obama, who is never ‎anything but evenhanded when such attacks ‎occur. He too condemned yesterday's attacks, ‎since they targeted "innocent civilians." 
The choice of words may not be accidental. The ‎innocent civilians were in a synagogue on the ‎Israeli side of the Green Line, what the diplomats ‎call West Jerusalem, though the Obama ‎administration recognizes no part of Jerusalem as ‎being part of Israel at this point. If the attack had ‎occurred at a synagogue in Judea and Samaria, ‎would there then be some guilt associated with ‎the civilians who were murdered, hence they were ‎not such innocent civilians? What about a mass ‎murder of Israeli soldiers? Does the president ‎consider them innocents as well when they are ‎slaughtered?‎
The president went on to make his traditional plea ‎for the peace living people on both sides, a ‎majority in each case, to work for peace and to lower tensions: ‎"Speaking before a meeting with national security and ‎public health officials, Obama said that the 'majority' ‎of Palestinians and Israelis 'overwhelmingly want ‎peace.'
"'Too many Israelis have died; too many Palestinians ‎have died. At this difficult time I think it's important ‎for both Palestinians and Israelis to try to work ‎together to lower tensions and reject violence,' ‎Obama said."
Certainly yesterday and in the weeks prior, there is no ‎evidence that a majority of Palestinians or their ‎leadership were interested in demonstrating their ‎overwhelming desire for peace with Israel. From such ‎bromides, fantasies that last decades are created.‎
There is really only one truth about the Israeli-‎Palestinian conflict since its inception -- the ‎Palestinians (or simply Arabs, as they used to be ‎called) will not accept Israel as a state for the Jews. ‎The Palestinian national movement has as its ‎principal goal the denial of a state for another people. ‎
That goal now requires Israel's destruction, hence ‎death to the Jews, innocent civilians be damned.‎


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Anyone who does NOT think Obama is aiding and abetting worldwide terror, explain this

Anyone who does NOT think Obama is aiding and abetting worldwide terror, explain this:  The United Arab Emirates designated the Muslim Brotherhood and dozens of other Islamist groups as terrorist organizations on Saturday, lumping it together with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda's affiliate in Syria.  The move follows a decision by Saudi Arabia in March to designate the Brotherhood a terrorist group.  Egypt labeled the Brotherhood a terrorist organization in December. BUT OBAMA
1.insisted Muslim Brotherhood have front row seats for his first foreign address in cairo despite Mubarak outlawing them 2. Encouraged them coming to power in Egypt and gave them 1.5 billion and f 16s 3.Hired at least 6 top M.B. members in administration 4. regularly has MB members to White house 5. His brother is head of MB in Kenya that is besides all the other evidence  
Why does Steve Emerson, world terrorism expert, say Obama is pro violent Islamic Jihad?
 I think it is illogical to dispute it based on the EVIDENCE. For PC reasons, people are afriad to admit it that Obama is aiding and abetting worldwide terrorism but he is. Very dangerous and sad.
-He traded 5 top Taliban terrorists in US custody for alleged deserter Bergdal. Obama lied about Benghazi, blaming it on youtube video no one watched instead of the organized 9-11 Al Quida attack on our embassy.
-In Libya he wanted Quadafi overthrown and now Libya is in the hands of many terrorist groups. Terrorists Hamas he has given much money and held illegal secret talks.
ISIS: He did nothing to stop Isis for years and grudgingly began pathetic bombing campaign out of political decision. He calls Isis IsiL just to humiliate Israel, which is included in the Levant.
- Pulls all our troops out of Iraq, making way for Isis to take over, despite clear warnings this would happen from President Bush.
-Iran, fought tough sanctions for years and now will make a weak deal that will hurt Israel forever just to say he made a deal. His # 1 aid, Valerie Jarett, born in Iran.
-His CIA director calls jihad “noble” and will not say Jeruslame, calls it Arab name Al quids.
-Top 3 foreign policy team, Hagel at Defense, Kerry at State, Powers at UN and Rice national security all have long  record of anti israel and anti Semitic statements.
-He claims Turkey’s leader is his best friend of foreign leaders even though Erdogan calls Israel more barbaric than Hitler and states there is no difference between radical Islam and islam.
-Obama continues to deny Isis has anything to do with Islam.
-Obama will not allow FBI, CIA and Homeland security to use the word Islamic and has called obvious US soil attacks from Muslims workplace violence etc. Obama demands scrubbing word jihad from documents on terror and demands CIA Director scrub word Islamist before the word “terrorists” from Benghazi talking points.
-Obama tried to cut Iron Dome funding to Israel but congress restored.
-Psychological motivation: Obama’s father was a Muslim radical and Obama is obsessed with his Muslim father. Read his book “dreams From My Father.” Middle name Hussein.
-Personal history: Obama attended a radically Anti American anti Semitic church for 27 years. Obama was very close to Islamic radicals throughout his schooling, including Rashid Kjalidi.
- Massively increasing Islamic immigration to USA
-Obama has refused to control US southern border, allowing how many terrorists to cross.
- Qatar, the biggest financer of terrorism, Qatar, Obama has cozied up  to, establishing 11 billion trade deal on arms and tried to use as broker for Israel/Palestinian issues.
-Lost whereabouts of 6000 “students” of foreign nationality who never showed up for class.
-Failure to control southern border allowed
-and now Nov. 1 2014 unbelievably report from Erutz Sheva: “The same Tuesday night that a senior official in US President Barack Obama's administration was quoted calling Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu "chickens**t," more officials indicated the US is warming up to cooperation with Iran - the Islamic regime seeking nuclear weapons that has repeatedly declared its desire to destroy Israel…The American mollycoddling of Iran has extended to its proxy terror organizations Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon as well, according to officials, who said that despite there being no official cooperation with any of the parties American positions have definitely shifted.”
Our President is playing for the other team, the one wearing terrorist jerseys.
Terrorism expert summarizes this: “Steve Emerson Terrorism expert“ we have an administration that's in bed with these radical Islamic groups who pretend to be moderate or civil rights groups that have basically curtailed the ability of the FBI, ICE agents, to monitor, do investigations, or even prosecutors. Prosecutors now have to petition the Department of Justice to use the word "jihad" in indictments. This shows you the extent to which this administration has neutered the whole campaign to stop jihadism and basically interfere, Monica, with the ability of FBI agents to do their job...,the FBI, city and state law enforcement and now the border patrol with essentially an open border with god knows what kind of terrorists and Islamists are coming over the southern border, how they have really been hamstrung by regulations and political correctness restricting their ability to monitor the Islamic communities and the border...this administration has essentially embraced and legitimized the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the godfather and parent of all Sunni terrorist groups, including Hamas, including Islamic Jihad, and Al Qaeda. And for the administration to make a distinction between Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood is simply murderous. And that's what they've done.”:

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We are not doing out part

70 years after 6.5 million murdered Jews, we have genocidal Iran regime, moving ever closer to nuclear weapons with Obama desperate for a deal, proclaiming their intention to destroy Israel and kill Jews, plus US barely fighting Isis even as Us hires Muslim Brotherhood and invites them to White House, A White House holding secret talks with terrorist Hamas which also openly calls for israel's destruction, and desire to kill Jews, an Obama State Department parroting terrorist line that Israel was brutal in its self defense in Gaza, despite our Joint chief of staff chair affirming Israel's unbelievable ethical war conduct, a White House that calls bibi chickenshit and a coward, who held up weapons for israel in gaza, forbade flights to israel just to punish israel, is more upset about israel building new apartments than Iran's nuclear program, And some ignorant Jews still support this Obama monster. Now we see how USA Jews did so lttle to push FDR to enter war to save Jews.

Iran nightmare comes closer

Obama race to speed catastrophe
Obama's Dangerous Race for an Iran Deal

With only two weeks to go before the deadline for the end of the current round of nuclear talks with Iran, the Obama administration has been conducting what can only be considered a full-court press aimed at producing a deal before November 24. This is in marked contrast to the relaxed attitude toward the deadline for the talks that passed in June and was extended to the fall. It also seems to contradict the behavior of Washington’s European negotiating partners who seemed to be reconciling themselves to yet another extension in the familiar pattern of stalling that has always characterized Iran’s conduct of the negotiations. But though the latest talks in Oman ended without agreement, the flurry of diplomatic action raises the question of whether President Obama believes he needs to get a deal done now before Republicans take control of the Senate in January." Bear in mind this from Daily Alert "Iran Nuclear Threat Greater by Fivefold, Says Former Watchdog Chief - Richard Kerbaj
Olli Heinonen, who spent 27 years at the International Atomic Energy Agency, said Iran could have up to 5,000 IR-2m centrifuges rather than the 1,008 it has claimed. The IR-2m devices are up to five times more effective in enriching uranium than older IR-1 types. Heinonen said Tehran "could have up to 4,000 to 5,000 centrifuges or raw materials for them" located outside two of its largest nuclear sites, Natanz and Fordow. Heinonen is concerned the negotiations will merely focus on what needs to be done about Iran's 18,000 or so IR-1 centrifuges and the 1,008 IR-2m devices.
"There are indications Iran has acquired carbon fiber, the key raw material for the advanced IR-2m centrifuges, to manufacture several thousand. The IAEA has seen 1,000 of them in Natanz and the key question is: where are the rest?" He warned any agreement that does not compel Iran to open all its nuclear facilities to scrutiny would "make no sense." "It is important to have in this verification scheme an agreement that the IAEA can also verify all the centrifuges in Iran and not only those which are in Natanz or Fordow." (The Times-UK)
•Iran's Uranium Stockpile Grows before Deadline for Nuclear Deal - Fredrik Dahl
The International Atomic Energy Agency issued a confidential report on Iran to IAEA member states on Friday, noting that Iran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium gas has grown by 8% to nearly 8.4 tons in about two months. Western experts say Iran would now be able to amass enough high-enriched fissile material for one bomb in a few months, if it opted for such a weapon of mass destruction. (Reuters)
•Obama Doubts Iran Nuclear Deal as Oman Talks Go into Monday
Iran, the U.S. and EU will hold an unscheduled second day of talks on Monday, on disagreements blocking resolution of a dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, a U.S. official and Iranian state media said. In the U.S., meanwhile, President Barack Obama said a final step in the talks would involve Iran providing "verifiable, lock-tight assurances that they can't develop a nuclear weapon." "There's still a big gap," he said. "We may not be able to get there." (Reuters-Guardian-UK)

Leader Khamenei Calling for Israel's Destruction
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet Sunday: "We are not prepared to tolerate more demonstrations in the heart of our cities in which Hamas or ISIS flags are waved and calls are made to redeem Palestine with blood and fire, calling in effect for the destruction of the State of Israel."
"Standing behind this incitement are - first of all - the various Islamic movements: Hamas and the Islamic movement in Israel....Also standing behind this incitement is the Palestinian Authority and its leader, Abu Mazen [Abbas]. The website of their official body, Fatah, explains that the Jewish people were, in effect, never here, that the Temple was never here, that David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah and the kings and prophets of Israel - are all fiction."
"The leader of Iran, Khamenei...just yesterday he called for our destruction....Against such an Iran, which is controlled by such a regime, we must do everything so that it does not acquire nuclear weapons or the ability to produce nuclear weapons on short notice....Israel will not countenance an agreement that leaves Iran as a nuclear threshold state." (Prime Minister's Office)